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MicroNanoConference '15, 8 - 9 December 2015

MicroNanoConference is heading towards Amsterdam!

08 - 09 December 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

YouTube impression of the MicroNanoConference '13

Besides the youtube movie, enjoy the photo's, by visiting the following two photo websites:

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Photo’s December 11th Photo’s December 12th
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Poster awards MicroNanoConference '13
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Best Poster Price
Emulsion Preparation using EDGE Microfluidic Devices
Olesya Bliznyuk, Wageningen University & Research centre

Runner-up best Poster Price
Development of a Novel Micro (Opto-)fluidic Educational Kit for Highschool Students
Anika Embrechts, Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Third best Poster Price
Photocatalytic Decompostion of Cortisone 21-acetate in a PDMS-based Microreactor
Damon Rafieian, University of Twente

Public award
Dispensing, Aspiration and Imaging Using Hollow AFM Cantilever
Ghatkesar Murali Krishna, Delft University of Technology


The ninth edition of the MicroNanoConference was organized by NanoNextNL and MinacNed.